Tiger Dragon symbol. The tiger represents the physical world whereas the dragon symbolizes the spiritual world.

Cover image for The Master Key of Wisdom by Grandmaster 'Iron' KimThe Master Key of Wisdom

The Master Key of Wisdom is a book based on a true story about Grandmaster "Iron" Kim's memories of his master, Grandmaster Borion, and centuries of learning. The author, Charles Won-suk Kim, takes you along the journey of Grandmaster "Iron" Kim, who began his learning as a young boy in an Am-ja (a secluded place in the mountains of East Asia). At this young age, Grandmaster Borion taught him to follow the Chung Doe (Correct way) and fully understand the basic three steps of eight steps to reach enlightenment, or the level of Doe-sa. The first step is to understand yourself, both mind and body. The second step is to understand others' minds and bodies. The third step is to purify yourself in order to open your heart and connect with your universal spirit, enabling you to be enlightened.

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This book gives everyone an opportunity to learn about the principles of Chung Doe and how to use them to improve his or her life.



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